The Future of NFTs is Bright with Creators Like ote.jpeg

Magic Eden celebrates pioneering pixel artist ote.jpeg's artistic evolution creating texturing for Minecraft to releasing original music, while he continues empowering Solana's web3 ecosystem.

Pixel pioneer ote.jpeg first honed his craft creating textures and skins for Minecraft back in 2012. His journey in pixels led him to Solana's burgeoning NFT scene in 2022, where he lent his signature style to high-profile collections like Secret Sphinx Society and MonkeLabs.


In January 2022, Magic Eden facilitated ote.jpeg's generated pixel art for these two projects, garnering attention for their anti-bot smart contracts and rare animated NFTs. Riding the momentum just months later, ote.jpeg again collaborated with Magic Eden to release unique 1/1 animations for The Goated Goats, quickly establishing a high price floor of around 30-50 SOL per NFT.


But ote.jpeg was hungry to expand beyond pixels. He began releasing his own music, engineering tracks, and collaborating with other artists. Though his mediums have evolved, ote.jpeg remains committed to empowering the Solana ecosystem. Magic Eden is proud to present his latest nature-inspired work, Pando, in partnership with the curated NFT marketplace, FiveDollarNFT.


As an artist-first platform, Magic Eden celebrates creators like ote.jpeg who have shown dedication and innovation in web3.


Discover ote.jpeg's upcoming collection Pando, and others here. Stay tuned as we continue spotlighting new groundbreaking NFT creators!

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