Just Keep Building 🛠

Famous Fox Federation and Chillchat share their perspectives on building for the NFT community.

Five months ago, Famous Fox Federation had their NFT mint. Chillchat minted several weeks ago. When we spoke to both of them, it was evident that there was a core idea and vision they shared: a focus on building. NFT projects come and go, but those that keep building are here to stay. 

From a stalled mint to fulfilling their charitable promise to the community, Famous Fox Federation has experienced it all, kept their heads down and built. “Our team and community operate irrespective of the floor price and market conditions since we strongly believe that price doesn’t necessarily reflect a project’s current value.” The result of this builder mindset are innovative tools created for their community. In October, some foxes mentioned that it was difficult to get in contact with people who had the NFT or .sol address that they wanted. So, the team built “DING!, DING!”, an NFT messaging service that allows a user to input a Solana wallet address, type in a custom message and then mint/send it to the receiver wallet address. “As builders, we have a passion to create tools that community members suggest in order to improve their quality of life.”

🛠 Famous Fox Federation’s Tips for Builders

  1. Connect: Stay updated with NFT development and listen to what your community needs in order to improve their quality of life. These are some of the best things you can do to build!
  2. Understand your personal resources: There will always be opportunities to create and exist within the Web3 space. The real challenge for people that want to get into the NFT space is understanding the level of time and commitment it takes to be successful or relevant.

Chillchat, a metaverse game, is a newer entrant to the Solana NFT ecosystem but their origin story as a gaming company dates back to 2018. Spurred by the team’s personal passion for NFTs and desire to give users tools to create and monetise, they made the web3 transition in 2021. They minted out in minutes. With “create-to-earn”, Chillchat is paving the way for users to monetize their imagination and creations. As they build, they empower Chillchat Origin holders to build as well — from worlds to NFTs to games — think Roblox except game developers get compensated fairly. So, what makes a game… good? To the Chillchat team, it’s constant building. “A good game keeps making new features, listens to their community and builds. They do what’s best for the players.”

✏️ What Chillchat learned since launching (take note future NFT projects): 

  1. Don't rush: Make sure your project is well thought out. We know the NFT space moves very fast but it's important you make sure you get it all right as your mint will be your debut to this space!
  2. Community is key: No matter how big you get, you need to make sure that you're there for them and be as transparent as you can. Your community makes the culture in your NFT project. So make sure you take care of them!
  3. Real work starts post-mint: The grinding really begins and you need to put in 200% more work to make sure you're continuously growing, hustling and building.
  4. Make sure to rest and stay hydrated: When we're constantly hustling and working on our projects, we forget to sleep, eat, and take care of ourselves. So make sure you take some time out of the day for yourself. This is going to help you in the long run! As we're going to be a long-lasting project, it's important to remember that.

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