Magic Eden Launchpad

The latest Magic Eden feature that provides full-service NFT minting support

Hey everyone!

It’s been a busy week. Since going live with our Magic Eden Launchpad Alpha cohort, we’ve received a flood of questions from our community about how Launchpad works. This post provides information on Launchpad while keeping in mind this platform is in its nascence and evolving everyday.

The party is just getting started. We’re excited you’re here with us.

Magic Eden Launchpad Achievements So Far

We are proud to have launched 2 creators’ work in our Alpha round:

Paragon Art: sold out 35 items in 1 second!

Lanterns by Paragon Art

Surging Bulls: sold out 2,000 items in 10 seconds!

Bull #535 by Surging Bulls

Total transaction value from these 2 launches exceeds 2,850 SOL to date. Thank you Paragon Art and Surging Bulls for being fantastic partners with us.

Did you know we also created a Magic Eden podcast to celebrate our creators? Check out their episodes below!

Meet Sean, the creator and founder behind Paragon Art. We discuss how he got started in NFTs mere weeks ago, advice for new creators, and what’s coming next for Paragon Art.

Meet Simon from Surging Bulls, a former trader turned sol NFT maxi.

Upcoming Launches

We are thrilled to share more creators with our growing community over the next few days:

Dates may be subject to change pending ongoing communication and preparation with each project.

About Launchpad and Benefits For Creators

If you’ve watched multiple YouTube videos and still find the minting process confusing, you’re not alone. We know that creators have a lot of competing demands between growing their communities, curating metaverse experiences, and — oh yeah — actually creating artwork for their collections. With Launchpad, we focus on the tech, so you can focus on the community.

We built Launchpad to make minting simple, seamless, and secure for creators worldwide. We recently added local language website capabilities for Korean, Japanese, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

Launchpad delivers 4 key benefits to creators:

  • Full-service NFT minting support:
    Instead of hiring engineers to ensure code isn’t broken or to set up candy machines, you can leave that work to us. Magic Eden provides white glove service to creators during every step of the minting process. We make sure you securely launch without bugs or delays.
  • Curated community of creators:
    Our rigorous application review ensures exclusivity. Given our <5 percent acceptance rate, we hope to build trust within the Solana community and among creators that we accept. We offer a dedicated Discord channel to all creators who are Launchpad alumni as well.
  • Automatic distribution on Magic Eden:
    Upon minting completion, your collections will be automatically distributed on Magic Eden. Creators enjoy a 0% listing fee. All users enjoy only a 2% transaction fee.
  • Outbound marketing support:
    Prior to launch, we build buzz via our socials. We share launch announcements on Twitter and Discord, and offer dedicated episodes on Spotify.

How To Apply For Launchpad

Application form:

All creators must complete our Magic Eden Launchpad Submission Form to be considered. For our Alpha cohort, we selected 5 creators from hundreds of applications. To shoot your best shot, read on.

Creators we love:
We’re scouting for quality creators looking for a long term home for their collections. Launchpad can support collections of all sizes. Our selection criteria include:

  • Dedication: we accept applications from teams of one to many. Regardless of team size, we look for applications that show creators’ passion and dedication as artists and Solana community members
  • Clear future roadmap: we love seeing a strong long term vision for creators’ projects versus a quick cash grab
  • Focus on community: we look for creators who possess a laser focus on scaling communities and deepening engagement with their members

Launchpad scope:
We will be adding more features to Launchpad as we continue to grow. For our second cohort, we ask that creators be aware of the following requirements:

  • Randomized fixed price minting: creators can set the overall price for their collection. Each NFT item will be set at one fixed price that contributes towards the overall price of the collection.
  • PNG artwork format: we currently only support static images at this time and request all items to be in PNG format.
  • Completed submission form: only applications with a 100% completed submission form will be considered. Applications with blank responses for any questions may be discarded.
  • Minting the full collection: we do not support custom minting (e.g., whitelisting, pre-mint campaigns). Ideally, we would like creators’ full collections. If creators do want to whitelist or pre-mint, please send us the collection excluding those items.

Timing for cohorts:

  • Application deadline: Please submit your Magic Eden Launchpad Submission Form to be considered for Launchpad. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.
  • Announcements: For our next cohort, accepted and rejected applications will be notified by the end of October. If you have not heard back from us by the end of the month, this means we have placed you in our pipeline for possible future cohort consideration, although this does not guarantee placement. We will also share timing for future cohorts by the end of the month.
  • Re-applying: Should you wish to strengthen your application with supplementary materials (project updates, more details on your collection and community, etc), we welcome you to re-apply at most once a month. For creators who are re-applying for Launchpad, please fill in the first field of the submission form for “Project Name” as [RE-APPLY] and the name of your project (for example: “[RE-APPLY] Bananas”).

What To Expect If You’ve Been Accepted

For accepted creators, the process for launch involves 3 steps. Our team will be actively engaged throughout to ensure all projects go live smoothly.

  • Confirmation: creators to receive notice of acceptance with action items, important dates, and request for meeting with the Magic Eden team
  • Onboarding: creators to send files to Magic Eden, coordinate marketing plans, and run a test launch on devnet to ensure no issues
  • Launch: Live minting on Magic Eden Launchpad


If you have questions before submitting your application, please reach out to [email protected] with a subject line “[LAUNCHPAD PRE-SUBMISSION INQUIRY] and your question” and our team will respond to your inquiry as soon as we can (for example: “[LAUNCHPAD PRE-SUBMISSION INQUIRY] project story and goals”).

If you have already submitted your application, please note that we may not be able to provide status updates or decision explanations for each application.

How to Stay On Our Radar Post-Application

We read through every application and appreciate the time and effort creators put into them. Our process is highly competitive. If you were not accepted into our Alpha cohort, this does not mean we’ll never consider you again. Your application will remain in our pipeline. We welcome you to re-apply at most once per month with more updates on your work. As always, please also join us on Twitter and Discord to keep in touch.

We’re Hiring!

As a side note, we are actively expanding our team across a range of positions, including engineering, business development / partnerships, community management, and marketing.

If you’re interested in joining us, please email [email protected] with the subject line [HIRING INQUIRY] followed by the function(s) you might be interested in. For example, the subject line may be “[HIRING INQUIRY] Engineering”.

Thank you to everyone for your support. We look forward to growing with you.

The information provided on this website is provided for general educational purposes only and is in no way financial or investment advice. Certain information may have also been provided to us or prepared by third parties; these materials are provided for convenience and are not an endorsement by Magic Eden. Magic Eden is not liable for any errors, changes or amendments to such information, including any actions taken in reliance on such information.