Magic Eden List

Our FREE self-service whitelist management tool for all creators.
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Magic Eden List simplifies presale whitelist address collection for creators across SOL & ETH. Leave the manual and time-consuming work to us.

Simply create a whitelist and start collecting Discord, Twitter IDs and wallet addresses - all in under 30 seconds.


Unparalleled Exposure

With over 500K impressions daily on our homepage, your project gets an average guaranteed exposure from ~300K impressions on our Whitelist Opportunities Carousel.

Dedicated Report Generation

Track key metrics like the number of whitelist registrants and impressions on your whitelist page with custom reports. 


Magic Eden List is 100% FREE

We believe in empowering our creators. A tool like this shouldn’t cost you a dime. 

It’s Available for All

Doesn’t matter where you’re minting on, anyone can create a whitelist on Magic Eden List.

Multi-chain Support

Magic Eden List supports ALL projects minting across SOL & ETH.

Why Magic Eden List?

We found it a hassle for creators to juggle between multiple service providers when preparing for their launch.

Magic Eden List fixes that.

Learn how to get started here.  

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