We Always Ship: January

A round-up of Magic Eden's Dec-Jan latest features and updates!

Each month, we’ll share features rolled out by Magic Eden’s innovative and hardworking dev team. A big shoutout to the community — we implemented these features thanks to your feedback — so, keep them coming! We appreciate you.

Here’s a round-up of features:

Jan 3: Auctions are LIVE!

Both Dutch and English auctions are available on Magic Eden. We hosted our first English auction for 24 hours with Gooney Toons. The winning bid closed at 125 SOL!

Jan 1: “Fat Finger Check”

Remember that time you accidentally listed an NFT below its floor price? Yeah… that’s not going to happen, again. If a user types in a listing price that’s lower than the collection floor price, a warning will pop up. We got you!

Jan 1: Play on Magic Eden!

Buy your blockchain gaming NFT on Magic Eden and within the same collection page, you can play that game! To start, we’ve embedded Mini Nations on Magic Eden. Fun fact: Our dev team delivered this feature in less than a day.

Dec 29: Collection Search by Volume

When you use our search bar, collections are ranked by volume instead of by alphabet.

Dec 23: Community-led Flagging 

Following our move to an open-listing model, collection flagging was a top of mind feature. We appreciate how active the community has been in reporting problematic collections to us on an ongoing basis. Community-led flagging allows the community to play an active role on Magic Eden.

Dec 23: Special Mint Button

This is a white-label minting feature we rolled out for Launchpad. It enables creators to host the mint on their website with tools and support from Magic Eden.

Dec 22: Wallet Auto-Connect

A simple but necessary feature for a seamless experience on Magic Eden. If you’re already connected on magiceden.io, you won’t get disconnected if you refresh the page. You’ll automatically be connected. If you’re not connected, a pop-up will show once and won’t appear once connected.

Dec 21: GLB Support 

We’ve implemented GLB support, a 3D file format which allows NFTs that uses virtual reality and augmented reality (among others) to take flight.

Dec 20: Data Source Change for Popular Collections

Popular collections are directly computed from our in-house database. We are currently using the last 24 hour volume and displaying the top 8 NFT collections on Magic Eden.

Dec 17: New Launchpad Feature - Whitelisted Wallets

Whitelisted wallets can get an exclusive countdown while everyone else sees a different “presale” label on the button. This enables Launchpad projects to further customize their mint by having a mixture of a pre-sale and public launch or a completely private launch. It also works for a 100% stealth launch.

🛠 So much more to come. Tweet your suggestions to us @MagicEden_NFT. Let’s build together!

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