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Here's an update of the fun things we've been working on and developing at Magic Eden. To a stronger Solana ecosystem! 🪄

We’re not even through Q1 of 2022 but a lot has happened for us already. Let’s take a look at some of February’s key highlights: we launched a self-listing platform, released a public API, welcomed back a new Launchpad, airdropped NFTs, started a Solana NFT community-led DAO and we’re making newbie onboarding a little easier. Phew! Here’s to the future of Solana and contributing to the NFT ecosystem!

We 💜 Magic Ticket

A few days ago, we airdropped a fun surprise to our community. The Magic Ticket NFT is our community’s pass into MagicDAO. Based on the first date of transacting on Magic Eden and activity in the past month, users received one of 3 levels of Magic Tickets. Are you an OG, Degen or Normie? 

MagicDAO’s mission is simple: it’s a way for Magic Eden to work with the community to create a stronger Solana NFT ecosystem together. Although we have a vested interest, we also know we have the opportunity to contribute more to the ecosystem. So, we’re seizing this important chance with MagicDAO. Find out more about our ideas, plans and roadmap here

We’ve concluded our first drop. However, we’re still working with people who have already DM-ed us or reached out to our Intercom help desk for connectivity issues. Please be aware that there are fake airdrops happening right now. The only NFTs we will drop are the Magic Ticket. If you’re unsure or have more questions, check out this FAQ or contact our support team (pop-up at the bottom of the screen).

Our API goes public

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that our API is in beta!

For non-dev-savvy people, APIs (“Application Programming Interface”) are the backbone of our digitally connected lives. They’re the critical link to systems, taking your request and informing the system and giving you the system’s response in return. Our API gives everyone a better connection to Magic Eden. 

Magic Eden’s public API is designed for the community to programmatically receive information about NFTs, collections, listings and activities (list, sell, bid, cancel, etc). With this, an analytic/data-based platform could use this information for stats or solo developers may use it to automate monitoring and trading. As we constantly improve our infrastructure and data, the possibilities are endless! 

From the 16th to 23rd of February, we saw 36,000 unique users using our public API. Join them and build with us!

Creator Hub, by creators for creators

Fun fact: we have multiple NFT project founders on the Magic Eden team. With their input, we created Creator Hub, a self-serve collection listing platform with actual creators in mind. “Wen Magic Eden” is now in the hands of creators and we’ve tried our hardest to give ease of use, convenience and functionality to creators. On Creator Hub, creators will access a personal dashboard to upload their NFT collections, check their approval status and directly modify any changes to their NFT collection.

Here’s how to list your NFT collection through Creator Hub:

Note: We are refining our Creator Hub and the interface may differ in the future.

New Launchpad Guidelines

We re-launched Launchpad, our full-minting support service with improved and transparent vetting policies and safety features. Find out more here.


It’s our responsibility to provide a reliable platform with important information about NFT projects. We commit to vetting all Launchpad projects on two levels: safety signals and project quality signals.

Some safeguards employed: private doxxing , holding mint funds in escrow and evaluating a collection’s legitimacy with various criteria before they can use Launchpad. 

We all have a role to play. Creators are responsible to deliver on their collection’s promises and provide adequate transparency to enable collectors to do their due diligence. 

Welcome back Launchpad!

Onboarding NFT Newbies

Every day, newcomers arrive in the Solana NFT space. The process of navigating and understanding NFTs can be daunting. It starts with education but resources are scattered throughout the corners of the interwebs.

We made it a little easier by launching Magic Eden Alpha, a series of YouTube how-tos and tutorial videos. We hope you’ll share them with friends and family you want to onboard onto Solana NFTs. Who know… their next gift to you could be an NFT!

🪄 Congrats, this week's top performing collections on ME! (2/16-22)

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