Continuing our multi-chain vision with Polygon

We are adding Polygon as our third supported chain on Magic Eden.

We are adding Polygon as our third supported chain on Magic Eden. We’re excited to partner closely with industry-leading game developers building on blockchain technology, reach new NFT collectors brought by global brands entering NFTs, and continue unifying cross chain audiences.


This week, we’re excited to announce the launch of Polygon on Magic Eden and continue our pursuit of a multi-chain future. Fourteen months ago, we started Magic Eden with the dream of building an NFT platform that won the hearts and minds of collectors and creators on Solana. We had a crazy year and remain proud of our ability to ship fast, adapt to ever-changing market conditions, and partner closely with creators through thick and thin. 

To us, what sets Magic Eden apart is how hungry and bold we are as a team. We dare to experiment and make moves others don’t. This hunger led us to going cross chain first with Ethereum in August with a Launchpad and aggregator, where we’ve launched over 20 projects and raised 5,000+ ETH for creators. Today, we’re adding our third chain. Our entry into Polygon will include a Launchpad and marketplace, both of which will go live next month. Someone said builders build in the bear. If that’s the case, count us in.



Why Polygon?

We believe that different chains each have their own audiences, theses, and goals around NFTs. We met the Polygon team several months ago and immediately hit it off with them–their team was just as passionate as us and treated us like partners from the get-go. Our entry into Polygon is motivated by reasons including: 


We will partner with Polygon to onboard more global brands and new users onto NFTs 

This is a team that put their money where their mouth was. Polygon has brought Web2 consumer IP’s into the world of NFTs.  These partnerships are key to bringing Web3 to the masses, which aligns with our broader mission to spread the magic of NFTs.


We will continue bring web3 games to the masses with Polygon 
Polygon is already home to some of the biggest Web3 gaming projects, including Sandbox, Atari, Skyweaver, Midnight Society, Metalcore, Wildcard, and Zed Run. We expect many high quality Polygon games to come online in the next year and are excited to work with Polygon to bring those to market in a way that no marketplace has before. We’re still in the beginning stages of mass adoption for blockchain games with Magic Eden Games and we’re excited to partner with Polygon to bring an exciting new wave of web3 games to market. 


Magic Eden supports game developers via the following ways:

  • Reach: We help games reach high value audiences (4M users on Magic Eden last month)
  • Go-to-Market: We've launched 100+ gaming / metaverse projects through our Launchpad and marketplace, and offer game devs a strong GTM playbook
  • Funding: We invest in early stage games via Magic Eden Ventures
  • Monetization: Magic Eden offers games the most active and liquid marketplace dedicated to games
  • Infrastructure: We provide games core marketplace infrastructure so they can focus on what they do best–building amazing games. We are provide in-game marketplaces connected to Magic Eden liquidity for our gaming partners


We will continue to build our cross chain vision
We believe Magic Eden will be the default destination for creators and collectors on web3. In the long run, people will flock to Magic Eden not because of a specific chain, but simply because they love NFTs. Our conviction remains that one day, sooner than we think, NFT traders will be chain agnostic. 

By expanding to our third chain, we hope to bring the universes of Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon closer. Creators across chains on Ethereum, Solana, or Polygon can benefit from the same go-to-market expertise that put us on the map with over 400 projects launched to date. They also will no longer have to restrict themselves to the audience of one chain when they launch with Magic Eden. Conversely, collectors on our platform will have the most optionality of NFTs to choose from and trade.


So, what’s the plan?

By the end of this year, we will begin with a Polygon Launchpad and royalty-respecting marketplace. Our launch partners will include: 

  • BORA backed by Kakao Games - is a developer of popular casual and blockchain games such as Birdieshot and Archeworld. Based in South Korea, the publisher also has its own native token BORA. 
  • Intella X - is the web3 gaming platform of multi-platform video game development and online publishing giant Neowiz. Neowiz has published popular games like Brave Nine and Cats & Soup. 
  • nWay - is a decentralized marketplace for collectors and gamers to buy, sell, and earn various NFTs with officially licensed IPs, such as the Olympic Games. 
  • Shatterpoint by Block Games - is a free-to-play RPG game created by Block Games, a mobile games studio partnered with Estoty – a European games developer studio with titles that have been downloaded over 1.5 billion times and enjoyed by 250 million active monthly players. 
  • Boomland -BoomLand is a game developer and publisher focused on developing and publishing high-quality games while lowering the Web3 barrier to entry for players and developers by providing tools and onboarding protocols that are missing in the expanding GameFi space. 
  • Planet Mojo - Planet Mojo is a magical and imaginative Web3 gaming metaverse platform being built by a team of industry veterans from LucasArts, EA, Activision, ILM and other publishers. 
  • Taunt Battleworld - is an engage-to-earn NFT fighting game simulator developed by industry leaders from Amazon, EA, and Unity. 


Going multichain is good for all of us

Being part of web3 so early means that we need to be open to all the possibilities that innovation brings. Our goal is to grow the overall market for NFTs. We can grow the pie by bringing in new users, and testing real use cases for NFTs that have longevity, such as games. Going to Polygon creates more inspiration and cross-exposure opportunities for everyone. 


Join the journey with us–there’s enough room for everyone.


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