Mini Royale Season 4 is here!

Find out more about Mini Royale Season 4!

Faraway ships another major update for their FPS title Mini Royale: Nations. Introducing …. Season 4 ! Below is a quick glance at what Season 4 brings to the table. For a deeper dive read more about Mini Royale: Nations Season 4 here.


Hero Shards:

Season 4 sees the introduction of “shards” - a type of in-game item that will be used to unlock this season’s new premium heroes. Shards can be obtained through a variety of activities such as challengers and each item tier requires a predetermined amount of shards to unlock:

  • Uncommon Item: 60 Shards
  • Rare Item: 120 Shards
  • Epic Item: 240 Shards
  • Legendary Item: 480 Shards

New premium heroes will also come with some added collection perks within Season 4 on a rotating basis via massive boosts in Clan Wars.


Clan Wars Jackpot Update:

With the introduction of Hero shards comes another massive change to the way premium NFTs affect the Mini Royale: Nations ecosystem; SOL prizes. 

A portion of all SOL spent unlocking heroes (weekly) will go directly towards the Clan Wars Jackpot for that week. Both top clans and top players will see their share of this new reward!

For a more detailed view of the Clan Wars Jackpot read here.

NEW! Maps, Challenges, Contracts, Gear and more:

A new multi-level arena map, Shingami Square to be featured in Season 4.

The Quests system has been overhauled to include:

  • Challenges
    • Daily, Seasonal and “Brutal” available at different progression levels
  • Contracts
    • Players can receive Premium, Loot or Fusion (introduced in Season 3) contracts to progress their standing
  • Gear
    • New in-game mintable item that will augment various hero stats
    • Hero alignments to affect gear accessibility - will you choose good or evil?



In addition to all of that awesome content - Mini Royale: Nations also features regular contests, games and more on their discord. Read more about Mini Royale Nations Season 4 here.

Mini Royale Nations Premium NFTs are available on Magic Eden:

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