MonkeyLeague x AC Milan Auction: Web3 gaming meets world-class football

Champions of Italy’s Serie A, AC Milan combines forces with web3 esports game MonkeyLeague to deliver a next-gen football metaverse through auctions on Magic Eden

Key Insights:

  • On October 6th, 16 exclusive MonkeyLeague AC Milan Retro NFTs will auction on leading multi-chain marketplace, Magic Eden.
  • AC Milan and MonkeyLeague’s partnership enables sports fans to engage with blockchain technology by owning unique branded digital assets of their favorite team.
  • MonkeyLeague continues to deliver their long term vision of bridging the gap between web2 and web3 through their web3 esports game.
  • More to come: Breeding, pre-alpha & closed beta gaming and top-tier partnerships.

Reigning champions of Italian football league Serie A, AC Milan has just announced a powerhouse partnership with MonkeyLeague – a next-gen esports metaverse game built on the Solana blockchain. 


On October 6th, a 4-hour live auction for the AC Milan Retro 16 will kick off from 2 – 6PM UTC on Magic Eden.


MonkeyLeague’s focus on football stems from the team’s love for the beautiful game. They saw a huge gap in the web3 gaming market for quality sports games and combining this with the popularity of football, it was a perfect game-market fit with high adoption potential. 

“We’ve always had a clear mission and plan to build fun, high-quality web3 sports games that are adopted by the masses. 

Part of that plan is forming strategic top-tier partnerships with relevant brands outside of web3” 

— Oren Landberg, Head of Marketing and Partnerships


In discussion with several football clubs, MonkeyLeague found a great alignment with reigning champions AC Milan. AC Milan, a.k.a Rossoneri, is one of the most celebrated football clubs in the world. 

With nineteen league titles, five Coppa Italia wins, and seven Supercoppa Italiana wins under their belt, AC Milan is a tour de force in international football. “They are a championship club with an epic history of excellence and we are proud to be selected by them out of the many proposals they received.” 



By partnering with the best of the best in football, MonkeyLeague is bridging the gap between web2 and web3 by ushering in diehard sports fans to its gaming ecosystem. 

AC Milan’s foray into blockchain technology aligns with their desire to provide more access and ownership to their beloved fans. The partnership between MonkeyLeague and AC Milan signifies a bilateral commitment to 

bring branded digital gaming assets to loyal football fans around the world.



The AC Milan Retro NFT Auction live on Magic Eden 

  • 16 exclusive limited editions split amongst 4 tiers of MonkeyPlayer NFTs will commemorate the teams 2 most historic 1993/1994 and 1995/1996 seasons
  • Amongst the special 16, 7 MonkeyPlayers NFTs will wear the classic AC Milan Red and Black Home Kits with one donning a super rare AC Milan Champions Crown. 
  • 5 MonkeyLeague NFTs will sport the 1995/1996 Away Kit whilst another 3 will wear the third yellow kit from the same season. 
  • 1 super limited edition MonkeyPlayer will represent the Champions League Final win from their 1993/1994 season. 
  • The 3 AC Milan Monkey NFTs wearing the team’s 95/96 yellow third kit each come with a physical AC Milan jersey signed by Zlatan Ibrahimović. 
  • The only super exclusive AC Milan Monkey NFT with the 93/94 Champions League Final jersey comes with a physical AC Milan jersey signed by Zlatan Ibrahimović and 2 VIP tickets to an AC Milan home match. 


There’s more to the partnership:

  • The partnership is not limited to MonkeyPlayer NFTs, Stadium NFTs, in-game wearables, but also includes esports tournaments, club players playtesting the game and other unique digital experiences. 
  • There will also be promotion prizes potentially including VIP match tickets to the biggest football games at AC Milan’s renowned San Siro stadium.


Nonstop Milestones: Breeding & More Alpha

The collaboration between MonkeyLeague and Rossoneri will also spill over to the highly anticipated launch of Breeding on October 26th

Breeding will influence both the game economy and the MonkeyLeague population. A capsule will be required for a shot at Breeding a stronger Monkey NFT. 

AC Milan will lead the first breeding session. “Players can look forward to breeding two non-AC Milan Monkey NFTs together and there’s a solid chance they’ll receive AC Milan branded traits!”

In November, MonkeyLeague will have their first pre-alpha playable version with a super closed mini alpha towards the end of the month. 
Their closed beta will come in December followed by the game’s soft launch in various countries in January 2023. 


Eden Games 

We are incredibly proud of MonkeyLeague, one of the many games partnered with Eden Games. Launching around October 2021, MonkeyLeague is an OG in the Solana and web3 gaming space. 

We’ve worked closely with MonkeyLeague to improve their NFT experience and excitedly anticipate their continued growth of bridging the gap between web2 and web3.

“Eden Games is exciting and we look forward to strengthening our partnership and expanding the ways we can improve the web3 user game experience” 

Get ready to play MonkeyLeague by buying a Monkey NFT of your own on Magic Eden

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