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Latest innovation: The Magic Eden List, an NFT whitelist tool with creators in mind.

You list, mint and trade NFTs on Magic Eden. 

Now, you can create whitelists.

All on the Marketplace you know and love.


The Magic Eden List is a free and seamless whitelist tool, supporting both SOL & ETH NFT collections. For NFT collectors, you can sign-up for whitelists right on Magic Eden. That’s right, there’s no need to switch between multiple tabs. 

We created the Magic Eden List with creators in mind. Creating a smooth whitelist experience is essential to rewarding your OG community members, generating attention to your mint, and to demonstrate momentum. The Magic Eden List is here to assist you with wallet collection and whitelist redemption. And, it’s fully self-served!  


Navigate to Drop Calendar. Click on the ‘Whitelists’ tab and access specific whitelists here. You can view the status of WL and the required roles for eligibility. 

On your chosen mint, you’ll see the requirements needed to verify your eligibility: 

  1. Connect your Solana OR Ethereum wallet
  2. Login to your ME account
  3. Connect to Discord

Claim WL Spot


Creator Hub is where creators list their collections. On Creator Hub, you can create a whitelist for your upcoming collection. Before doing so, you will need to create a listing application for your unminted collection. 

Here's how to setup your whitelist: 

  1. Click on the ‘whitelists’ tab and create a whitelist. 
  2. Select eligible Discord roles (this is how you can cap the # of WL)
  3. Select NFT requirements. For example, holders are required to hold a certain NFT to enter your WL. (Optional) 
  4. Select the minimum $SOL or $ETH that is required to enter. (Optional) 
  5. Set a date and time (UTC) for your mint. 
  6. When creating a whitelist, you will be able to open or close your whitelist. The toggle (pictured above) determines if your whitelist can accept entries. 

And you’re done!

Once your listing application is approved, your whitelist will be available on our Drop Calendar

Create Whitelist

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