Ready Player Go!

It's time to get your in-game playable NFT

Crypto-native gaming is changing generations.

It’s aligning incentives for game developers, players and investors.

If you don’t already know the significance of play-to-earn games, here’s a refresher — they create whole economies. This is not entirely new but NFTs open a new layer of ownership and fun. It’s the backbone of crypto-native gaming.

Remember Runescape? Players completed quests for gold, used that gold to buy in-game weapons and sold those items for real money. It was completely under-the-table but a small digital economy emerged from the corners of the internet.

Crypto-native gaming gives us a more sophisticated framework for trading in-game items. No longer in the shadows, it’s even encouraged. With blockchain technology, we have an immutable record of ownership which provides the basis for an effective marketplace structure. It allows for trading both within the game and outside of it, like on Magic Eden.

With NFTs, a gamer is both a participant and an owner. The usual game loops are taken to the next level.

🚀 Speaking of Open Economies — Mini Royale: Nations drops next Monday (12/6)

Blasting off with Launchpad, Magic Eden’s white-glove full-minting support service with outbound marketing support and automatic listing.

Mint Details: 6 Dec, 2,500 playable in-game NFTs.

Calling all sharpshooters 🔫 : Play Solana’s first live multiplayer shooting game. There’s also land strategy meta! It’s free to play and all you need is a web browser.

Grab an in-game playable character from Mini Royale’s Genesis Drop, themed “Vikings in the Miniverse”. NFTs purchased will also eventually give access to special seasonal events.

Bookmark Launchpad to mint on 12/6.

The remaining 7,500 NFTs will be available on 12/9 on Mini Royale.

🎮 Hyped for MixMob

Main sale: 7 Dec, 9 AM PST/6 PM CEST

What would happen if an AI deleted our culture? 

A team of veteran game developers (FIFA, Nintendo & Halo, ring a bell?) created MIXMOB, a play-to-earn game that rebuilds an AI-deleted culture by remixing it. 

To join the game, you’d need one of the 10,000 masks available.

As you level up and journey through the MIXMOB game universe, your mask evolves with you. There’s a card strategy battle and MMO battle royale in the mix.

Check out the game overview here

🪄 Congrats, This Week's Top Performing Collections on ME! (11/24-30)

  1. Portals 28,512 SOL
  2. Degenerate Trash Pandas 13,436 SOL
  3. Boryoku Dragonz 9,435 SOL
  4. Basis Markets 7,641 SOL
  5. Taiyo Robotics 7,496 SOL
  6. Stoned Ape Crew 7,015 SOL
  7. Fenix Danjon 6,494 SOL
  8. Angomon 6,309 SOL
  9. Komodo Dragonz 5,656 SOL
  10. Genopets 5,191 SOL

🔜 Mint Authority Mints of the Week: 

2 Dec: Cyber Trees

8,888 hand-illustrated NFTs brought to you by a group of environmentally passionate individuals. Their plans extend to a “CyberSeries” metaverse. In the meantime, Cyber Trees holders can look forward to a Metaverse Plot that will serve as a hub for their future collections. 

2 Dec: Transfer NFT

1,642 generative art NFTs inspired by the creator’s interest in Machine Learning and his background as a software engineer. The technique of Semantic Style Transfer along with Python scripting allows for art styles to be transferred to a different image.

10 Dec: Crypto Kooks

1,000 weird-looking, kooky characters created by a crypto-loving couple. After investing in different NFT projects, the pair decided to embark on a mission to create the exact type of NFT project that they would be 100% invested in.

🧠 “But, it’s just a jpeg, you can’t do anything with it”

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