Tomorrowland, The Symbol of Love and Unity: What is the Medallion of Memoria?

Learn more about Tomorrowland’s 3rd drop happening on Dec 15!

Tomorrowland: The Symbol of Love and Unity  is dropping on Launchpad, Dec 15th! Here’s everything you need to know about the drop: 

Supply: 6.5k | Price: 8.5 SOL | Location: Our Launchpad 


The Medallion

The Medallion of Memoria unlocks when you own all three NFTs, Tomorrowland: The Reflection of LoveTomorrowland: A Letter from the Universe, and Tomorrowland: The Symbol of Love and Unity

Holders of all three NFTs will go to starting Jan 5th to gain access to a special portal, this is the Medallion of Memoria. A one stop shop for holders, where you can find information about the sale, turn in your NFTs and join future initiatives. This gives you access to Tomorrowland 2023 tickets, the presale, and information on secret shows! 

If you somehow lose any part of the three NFTs, you will lose access to the Medallion. 

If you have multiple combinations of the three NFTs, please place them into separate wallets, otherwise they will only count for one entry.  3 NFTs in 1 Wallet = 1 Entry 

Important Dates

Jan 5th- Jan 10th : 

Holders can log into their Medallion on and have the opportunity to redeem all three NFTs for a “Full Madness” ticket to Tomorrowland 2023. They will no longer be able to access the Medallion after they redeemed for a ticket.. 

Jan 10th: The Snapshot. 

Wallets with all three NFTs will be snapshotted! The exact time will be announced on the Tomorrowland Discord. This means the wallet addresses will be recorded down. Those addresses will be able to join the pre-sale January 12th for Tomorrowland 2023 tickets!
And with that…you’re ready. Mint here Dec 15th! 

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