Trade easier with our newest features!

We've made updates to instant sells, listing from collections pages, and attribute count filters to help you trade easier on ME.

We’re back with more updates that make your life easier! Features include: simplified sign-in, collection page stats, collector announcements, instant listings and trait count filtering. These updated features also come with faster page loading performance to boot! 

Simplified sign in 

We heard your feedback about multiple sign in prompts on our site. Now you just need to verify your wallet once to get access to ME’s full set of features like Rewards Hub and notifications. 



Instant sell & collection offers UX

Collection offers are now displayed more prominently on a collection’s page, allowing sellers to instantly sell NFTs more easily and buyers to get more exposure on their offers. 


Attribute count filtering

Collectors may prefer to search for NFTs with a specific amount of attributes. We’ve made it easy to filter by attribute count to easily find your grail NFTs. 



Collection Page listing 


Our users total experience comprise of small steps they take in the trading journey. Being able to list directly from a collection’s page makes that journey just a little bit simpler. Research the floor, compare other listings and list directly from the collection page when you’re ready!

All it takes is 3 easy steps! Check out this mini tutorial!


1.) Head to collection page of an NFT you hold… On that page you can compare other listings and DYOR. 


2.) Make sure your wallet is connected! 


3.) Click the cart icon and toggle to “sell”. Set your price and you’re all set to list now!



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