Use Data to be a Better NFT Trader

Magic Eden introduces analytical NFT tools for beginner and pro traders.

The bear market sucks. If you’re still out here — be it trading NFTs or trolling CT — I see you, and you are amazing. Well done you. Despite the shitstorm background, you’re. still. out. here. trading. NFTs. And, that’s commendable. 👏👏👏

You're one of the reasons why we always ship. Why we relentlessly and constantly improve our product. We want to give you the best tools so you can trade to your fullest potential. 

Read our latest We Always Ship post recapping features, updates and what we built in June. 

🪄 Magic Tricks


Become a student of sentiment. How active is the discord? What’s the collection’s usual volume? How active is the core team? 

  • Community sentiment can be make or break. Sentiment influences whether people want to be a holder of the project. If a project is actively building and working — you’re more likely to hold instead of quickly flipping it. 
  • If there’s negative sentiment: It might be a sign that the floor may dip more. You should have your exit plan lined up, cause it might be time to go. 
  • If there’s mixed sentiment: Use your best judgment to gauge whether this is a long-term hold. How much do you believe in the leadership team? 


Without volume, sales are probably not going anywhere. 

  • Are there any rares being sold above floor? Or below floor? Are people sweeping when a price goes below a certain point? 
  • Do people sweep when the price drops low? That’s a sign we have accumulatooors. Bullish signal for a potential long-term project. 
  • Do listings constantly go down while the floor price stays the same? Another bullish indicator.


Here’s the special sauce: our analytics tab. Go onto any collection and click 'analytics'. 

Monitor the unique holders — is it increasing or decreasing? What about top holders? How many NFTs does each person hold? How does the dot chart look? Through these signals, you can see people accumulating, the average NFTs owned, the number of holders — all good signs to base your trades on. 

📈 How you can use our tools: 

  1. Our floor price chart in ‘Pro Mode’ allows you to use indicators and view trends on a granular level. Track floor price movements by the minute, hourly or even daily.
  2. Watchlists allow you to track the price and volume movements of your desired NFT collections. You'll be notified the moment the collection’s floor price or volume hits your set thresholds.
  3. View a collection’s floor price, volume, and average floor price on our stats page. This gives you an idea of various price movements of a particular collection. These statistics are also displayed on our homepage under Popular Collections.
  4. Bulk sweeping feature: Set a max floor price limit for the NFTs you want to purchase and sweep up to 50 NFTs at one shot. 

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P.S Special thanks to @saozero588 & @derellnft for their tips & tricks!  

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