We Always Ship: April

A round-up of features, updates and what we built on Magic Eden in the past month.
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Each month, we’ll share features rolled out by Magic Eden’s innovative and hardworking dev team. A big shoutout to our community — we implemented these features thanks to your @MagicEden(s) and feedback — so, keep them coming! We appreciate you.

Here’s a round-up of features:

27 April: Watchlist Improvement

With our watchlists feature, you can track the floor price and listings of your favorite collections. Stay up to date with the in-app notifications you’ll receive whenever these thresholds are met. 

20 April: Drop Calendar Updates

Now you can toggle between card & list view. Both views are redesigned for all display sizes. You can also view projects in whatever order you want — sort them through alphabetical order, by number of upvotes or by mint date. And when you’re done navigating onto a dedicated drop page, you’ll return to where you were scrolling. 

20 April: More Mobile Updates! 

Users that update their app to V2.2.2 and connect their profile will be able to receive mobile push notifications whenever: (1) they receive an offer on their listed NFTs, (2) their bids on NFTs are accepted, and (3) one of their NFTs sells. And we switched up the design for our mobile drop calendar because who doesn't love a clean & aesthetic UI?

15 April: Bulk Updates

Sweep floors with our newest bulk bidding and purchasing feature. You can also change your listing prices of up to 5 NFTs at one go! 

14 April: Mobile Updates

We improved collection filtering and with the addition of mobile drop calendar notifications, you can track the 15 most upvoted projects, and get push notifications when their drop is live! 

12 April: Offers Made Upgrade

We upgraded the way you make offers and bid on NFTs on Magic Eden. Learn of these improvements here

9 April: URL Embeds

If you send a URL of an NFT or a collection (for example, on Discord), the corresponding embedded image will be of the NFT or icon respectively. 

8 April: Top Upvoted Collections Carousel

Projects that users have upvoted are displayed on a carousel right on the Magic Eden homepage. Check community sentiment right before a drop! 

7 April: Price Chart

Examine price histories of your favorite NFT collections and figure out when exactly they moon-ed right from the "Activity" tab. 

5 April: Mobile App QR Integration

Access your Magic Eden profile on the Magic Eden mobile app (iOS | Android). Once you have linked your device, you can scan the QR code displayed. 

4 April: Bulk Listing

You can paper-hand harder with listings of up to 5 NFTs available at the same time. List up to 5 NFTs across different collections and set different prices for each of them all at once. 

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