We Always Ship: March

A round-up of features, updates and what we built on Magic Eden in the past month.

Each month, we’ll share features rolled out by Magic Eden’s innovative and hardworking dev team. A big shoutout to our community — we implemented these features thanks to your @MagicEden(s) and feedback — so, keep them coming! We appreciate you.

Here’s a round-up of features:

31 March: Metaplex Certified Collection 

We integrated the Metaplex Certified Collection Standard on our marketplace. NFTs from Metaplex Certified Collections will be instantly tradable on Magic Eden via a special link, without the need for any review by our team.

30 March: Collection Upvoting

On Upcoming Drops, users can now view community sentiment by voting on the latest NFT drops. Popular drops will appear on a “trending” tab. In three days, we received a total of 700+ upvotes. 

28 March: Collection Watchlist

Gone are the days of typing in collection names into the search bar. Now you can bookmark your favorite collections and they’ll appear in a custom carousel on your Magic Eden homepage.

24 March: In-app Notifications

Ding, ding. Get notified as you're scrolling through Magic Eden whenever your NFT sells, someone bids on your items and accepts your bids! 

19 March: Drop Calendar 

We’ve built THE page to go to for your minting needs. Check out the latest NFT collections on Solana here. Since going live, the drop calendar reached an all-time high of 17,000+ impressions on 31 March. Total page impressions are 160,000+.

18 March: SOL NFT Marketplaces Rankings 

We now have rankings of NFT Marketplaces on Solana based on marketplace volume, transactions and active wallets.

18 March: Solscan/Solana Explorer

Under details on an NFT, you now have the power to redirect from an NFT to Solscan or Solana Explorer. 

14 March: About Us Page

It was about time! Get to know us here

14 March: Eden Games 

You know we’re bullish on blockchain gaming. We partnered with leading games on Solana to launch Eden Games. We help games launch collections, build custom pages, connect to players, showcase gameplay and build in-game marketplaces. 10% of views on the Eden Games page has drove traffic to a game collection page. 

12 March: Email Notifications

Opt in to receive email notifications when someone buys your NFT, bids on your NFT or when your bid has been accepted. 290,000+ emails have been sent and out of those, 64% have been opened. A total of 85,000+ users have received an email. 

10 March: Rarity Ranking

We’ve integrated How Rare and Moonrank to display NFT rarity ranks on listings. Filter and sort through collections based on their rarity rankings.

1 March: Over 100K Mobile-App Downloads

Thank you for over 100,000 downloads across our iOS and Android mobile apps!


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