We Always Ship: May

A round-up of features, updates and what we built on Magic Eden in the past month.
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Each month, we’ll share features rolled out by Magic Eden’s innovative and hardworking dev team. A big shoutout to our community — we implemented these features thanks to your @MagicEden and feedback — so, keep them coming! We appreciate you.

Here’s a round-up of features:

31 May: Attribute Filter Upgrade

Filter through NFTs better: Search for specific attributes (i.e mutant, gold, purple hat) by typing out the ones you’re looking for! 

26 May: SPL Token Auctions ft. Famous Fox Federation

Tired of using $SOL all the time? Want something to do with your $FOXY? We’ve just integrated the ability to host auctions with the use of SPL Tokens! Thank you to Famous Fox Federation for being our partner for the first SPL token auction on Magic Eden!

22 May: V2.6.0 Mobile App Update

More upgrades have been added to our mobile app! Minting on mobile has never been easier. Users will now be redirected to the Phantom Wallet mobile app to mint Launchpad Drops.

The Magic Eden Mobile App is available for download on iOS and Android!

15 May: Collection Stats Page

Bring your NFT trading to the next level with our new stats page. Use the analytic tools provided to help yourself make informed trading decisions!

12 May: Bidding on Unlisted NFTs

Users are now able to make bids on NFTs that are sitting in a wallet - NOT listed on any marketplace. Simply head to a collection page, select “All Items” and make a bid.

8 May: Collection Page Live Updates

Collection pages now reflect real-time updates. Watch floors get swept right in front of your eyes!

Users need to connect their wallet and sign in to their Magic Eden Profile.

4 May: Self-Service Auctions

Host your own auction and get the best prices out of your NFTs with our newest Self-Service Auctions Tool! Set your own auction duration, start date & time as well as your starting bid price.

2 May: V2.4.0 Mobile App Update

We’ve added more tools onto our mobile app! Users can now view collection floor price charts and also add their favorite NFTs to their watchlist!

The Magic Eden Mobile App is available for download on iOS and Android!


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