Web3 Gaming Partnership: Magic Eden x Faraway

Magic Eden is proud to be Faraway’s primary marketplace for their Genesis Drop. We will feature them on Magic Eden Launchpad on December 6.

Magic Eden is building partnerships with Faraway, one of the best crypto gaming companies.

Why gaming?

Web3 and gaming are a no-brainer. According to Brian Cho, it’s symbiotic — gamers are used to the fundamental elements of Web3 and Web3 builds on the fundamental elements of gaming. NFTs integrate seamlessly into this idea as gamers love collecting things. In the US alone, gamers have spent $54B on in-game content. Through actual ownership and liquidity, NFTs empower gamers with real-world value. At a number of local businesses, $SLP (the token players earn) is recognised as a mode of payment for things like a Covid-19 test and a plate of dumplings. Talk about crypto utility, huh?

Gaming x Solana

With its super-fast speed and low fees, Solana is the ideal gaming platform for both creators and gamers. For Anatoly Yakovenko, CEO of Solana Labs, “Decentralized gaming is the next frontier for blockchain technology.” Early this month, Solana Ventures in partnership with FTX and Lightspeed, launched a $100M fund to invest in startups focused on building blockchain gaming studios.

Mini Royale Season 1: Vikings in the Miniverse

Why Magic Eden x Faraway

One such studio is Faraway, a browser-gaming studio aiming to encourage mass adoption with native blockchain wallet integration and tokenized in-game currencies. Co-founders Alex Paley and Dennis Zdonov, with over a decade of experience in game-making, represent the next generation of gaming founders. Faraway has secured $21M in Series A funding and is launching their player-driven universe with Mini Royale: Nations, a multiplayer shooting game with a land strategy meta. Word on the street: they’re Solana’s first live multiplayer games.

Our partnership

We are proud to announce our first partnership with Faraway, a gaming company focused on player-driven economies. Their debut game Mini Royale features 1.6M players and over 55,000 battles daily. Players can look forward to the following:

  • Competitive PVP Shooter: Compete against players from around the world to earn tokens and rise up the leaderboards
  • Clan Wars: Battle alongside your clanmates in perilous missions and tournaments to bring back untold fortunes
  • Land Ownership & Control: Purchase land or seize control of land from other players. Build mines, refineries and more to monetize your land holdings
  • Endless Creation Opportunities: Form alliances, build cities, and create new game modes and assets. Make your mark on the Mini Royale universe
Mini Royale Season 1: Vikings in the Miniverse

Launchpad details

Magic Eden is proud to be Faraway’s primary marketplace for their Genesis drop around mid-December. The Mini Royale Genesis Drop will feature playable characters from Season 1, themed: “Vikings in the Miniverse”. All character NFTs purchased in the Drop will be playable in-game and will eventually give access to special seasonal events.

As a Launchpad project, Faraway will receive end-to-end minting and marketing support from Magic Eden. Immediately after items are minted, they will be given instant verified access to Magic Eden’s secondary marketplace. We’re excited to share that 2,500 out of 10,000 Mini Royale character NFTs will be released on December 6 via Magic Eden Launchpad. The remaining NFTs will be launched on the official Mini Royale website on December 9. Stay tuned here. There will be NFT Drops to go along with each new season, so join the Mini Royale Discord to stay up to date.

Future partnership scope

We look forward to a long term partnership with Faraway and believe we can add meaningful value to players together after the drop. We are discussing ways to improve the experience of the game through an embedded marketplace experience that engages players and offers utility. More to come.

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